Cargovision is a reservations air cargo platform from airport to airport (warehouse, road connections, air carrier), which means no program installation required.

The platform provides flexibility, mobility user capability and is accessible from anywhere at anytime with an internet connection.

Cargovision also offers a variety of easy to use tools for all facets of the Airfreight industry. It can easily connect to various systems such as Load Planning, offering real time flight and cargo status updates. It supports multiple carriers' needs, rating and reporting requirements within a single platform, eliminating the need for carrier specific terminals.
GSSA Module
Our GSSA Module offers a complete tool facilitating the management of all facets of Airfreight. Sales and Reservations functionalities including eBooking, eQuotation solutions. An Accounting module for all receivable duties from automated invoicing (CASS and Non-CASS), AWB stock management to pricing.
Our HANDLING Module offers Ground Handling Agents the possibility of using one system for all their cargo handling needs; configure the system to send all IATA standard messages to various airlines. Generate handling reports and invoicing to Forwarders, walking customers and Airlines.
Need to track your future cargo shipments?

Cargovision has the solution... !
Our AIRLINE Module offers end-to-end airfreight management possibilities. Manage bookings, quotations including eBooking and eQuotation. Monitor Sales using various reporting options and manage space using the Capacity Management tools. Connect to Load Planning systems for real time cargo movement updates and even connect to third party providers to submit customs related messages.
Our People - We take great pride in our work, our programmers regularly meet and exceed customer expectations.

Our entrepreneurial culture includes a determination to achieve project goals. If a new solution is required, we work continuously to find it, or even invent it.

Our programmers are not only excellent at what they do; our entire team understands the business of air cargo, which makes it easier for new ideas to be born. We like to speak with the decision makers so we can hear and understand their needs, share our thoughts, and find ways to deliver solutions.

We are people of heart, with a passion to get things done.
We use our flexible technical platform to meet each individual customer's needs. We do not require customers to adjust their wishes or requirements to meet rigid, limited, existing platforms. We do not impose a way to get things done; we work together with customers to find the best solution possible. We are proud of this collaborative process, we want to help customers be better at what they do, and the results are often beyond expectations.

We are there for our customers every step of the way, from start-up of operations to fully operational and long-term sustainable growth. We offer support 24/7, we offer guidance, and we can offer expert advice when needed from the experience and knowledge our team has in all facets of the air cargo industry.

A new customer that chooses Cargovision becomes part of our family and we will not let them down.

Our leaders speak to all areas of the Cargovision product and are empowered decision makers. We are a lean, experienced, well-qualified organization, designed to minimize bureaucracy, complicated procedures and keeping costs at a minimum to maximize R.O.I (Return on Investment) for our customers.

Cargovision maintains a strict confidentiality policy with all prospective and existing customers. Any information provided Cargovision is recognized as the property of the customer.
Only requires an internet connection.
No complicated hardware or system updates.
Connect from anywhere.
Choose the features you need for your operations.
It was with the combined effort of industry professionals in cargo, such as sales and marketing individuals, finance and accounting teams, operations and managing directors of small to medium size airlines that this great tool came to life. When trying to find a solution for a cargo system, they quickly concluded that asking a small developing team to help them achieve the goal of having a system tailor made for their needs was the best option possible.

The knowledge of various actors in the Airfreight industry and IT specialists were put to work on this project. The goal was to offer airlines as well as GSSA’s the best system possible needed to facilitate their day to day activities.

So Cargovision was born in 2002 with the first airline version, followed in 2003, by the first GSSA version.

First developed for the needs of the largest GSSA in Canada, a demand for the system started to be more and more popular. This eventually led the system being sold across the planet, to small and medium size airlines. Slowly adding other needs of the industry such as a handling and trucking module, Cargovision now offers a complete set of systems to meet the various needs of the ever-growing airfreight industry.

The systems are continuously evolving in order to help the users perform their day to day work at maximum efficiency.

The functionalities of the systems are constantly evolving in order to provide users with an increasingly efficient tool in order to reduce the workload and increase the speed at which data is treated.